Russian language courses in winter

Even though summer time has always been and will always stay the most popular time for visiting St.Petersburg, winter is still a great time to go!
Winter normally lasts from late November till March in St.Petersburg with the average temperature about -6 degrees Celsius and lots of snow. Frozen Neva River and channels, snow-covered roof tops, white sculptural landscapes and crispy cold air build the mystery of winter St.Petersburg.
If you decided to visit St.Petersburg in winter, you may also benefit from the fact that there are less tourists everywhere so that you won’t need to wait in long lines like in summer to enter the city museums. Also, since it’s low season, the prices are comparably low while the activities and cultural events are same full or even bigger.
Russian Banya (sauna) feels especially great with the swimming in the ice-hole afterwards and Russian cuisine such as pancakes with caviar feels especially delicious when it’s cold outside!
Winter time is full of holidays – New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Christening and Defender of the Fatherland’s Day… Every holiday has its own traditions and cultural features. If you’re surprised why Christmas goes after New Year’s Eve – that’s how it goes in Russia. Our Orthodox Christmas happens on 7th of January and usually it is the last day of our long holidays that last from 31st of December. New Year’s Eve is the main holiday of the year when families and friends come together and celebrate the beginning of the new year. The main celebration is always happening on the Palace Square followed by the fireworks over Neva River.
We will be happy to see you among our students in winter and to make sure you will feel warm during the cold days!
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