Accommodation options

The choice of the right type of accommodation is an important decision as students typically spend more time at home than in the classroom. We understand that people have differing needs and interests. For this reason we offer several accommodation options enabling each student to choose the most appropriate type.

All accommodation offered by the school has been inspected by a member of staff. It is our accommodation officer’s job to make sure that all our students choose the option, which fits them best.

Some students prefer to stay with friends or would like to organise their own accommodation , which is fine. In that case however, we cannot provide our courtesy arrival transfers.

Our rates are degressive, longer stays are lower priced.

Host family

By living with a host family, your stay will take on another dimension. Learning the language becomes natural during meals or outings. Staying with a host family is a great way to learn about local culture, experience daily life with your hosts and learn everyday expressions and colloquialisms. We have excellent relationships with our host families and all of them meet our requirements in terms of quality.

Single room BB from € 190 175 Per week.

Single room HB from € 210 200 Per week.


Our centrally located studios include a fully-equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a TV and an internet connection. They represent an ideal accommodation option for couples and students looking for independence, tranquillity and a higher level of comfort.

1-bedroom apartment from 210 Eur Per week. 

Hotel and Bed & Breakfast

We have selected different types of hotels for you, from the most basic to the most luxurious. These establishments are located in and around the city centre. If you are interested in this accommodation option, please contact us for more information.

Pricing and availability upon request.

Course without accommodation

If you wish to arrange accommodation yourself, you can attend the classes and take part in the activities like the other students. In this case, you will only need to pay for the language course and any activities you take part in.

Only tuition fees applies.

Shared flat

Single or shared rooms in self-catering apartments is a great option for students who want some independence but also want to live with other students in a nice environment sharing the same interest for learning Russian language in St.Petersburg. Shared facilities are: fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room. Wifi connection is available.

Pricing and availability upon request.