The Northern Venice once built on a swamp
St.Petersburg nowadays is the second biggest city in Russia which even used to be the capital of the country for two centuries. Not everybody knows that back in 1703 it was actually founded on a desolate swamp on uninhabited no-man’s land, at the shore of Baltic Sea. And even nowadays the water is still around – the city is situated on 42 islands with lots of rivers and channels in between. That is why it is often called the Northern Venice.
White nights magic
The night are bright in St.Petersburg from mid May to mid July but the peak of the white nights season is in the middle June with the shortest night of the year happening between 20th and 21st of June when the night is as short as 5 hours but it doesn’t actually become completely dark at all. The season of White Nights is the most popular for visiting St.Petersburg. Watching the all bridges over the Neva river open late at night when it’s bright as a day is a must for any tourist’s summer walks.
Well yards – make a wish!
Have you ever made a wish upon a well? And in a well yard? No, then you really should visit St.Petersburg and see a well-yard the city is famous for. Built in the early 20th century, they were designed this way to save as much space as possible. Nowadays they are good inspirations for the photographers from all over the world.





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