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In our study centre in St.Petersburg, we offer you a high quality Russian language courses at an affordable and fair price and also take a full care of your stay to make you feel you’re home.

Our staff combines strong professional skills together with warm and caring personal attitude for every student.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions you might have before booking, and we will be happy to help.

Our advice service is designed to provide you with the best course and accommodation choices, support services and also with the full up-to-date information on daily life in St.Petersburg.



12th line of Vasilievsiy Island 13, 199178, St. Petersburg, Russia
(+7) 812 936 69 36

Our school locations.

Educacentre, Russian Language School

(Currently closed due Covid-19 restrictions)

21/1, Komendantskiy Prospekt, 197372, St. Petersburg, Russia
(+7) 812 936 69 36

 – Tube “Komendantskiy Prospekt”

Educacentre language school

Institute of Foreign Languages,Educacentre Russian language school

12th line of Vasilievskiy Island 13, 199178, St.Petersburg, Russia.
 – Tube “Vasileostrovskaya”

(+7) 812 936 69 36


Educacentre language school