Welcome to Educacentre Russian Language School!

Our school was established in 1989 and over the last 20 years we have built a reputation for providing high quality Russian language courses in Saint Petersburg.

Every year we welcome hundreds of students from over 50 different countries, including Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and Great Britain.

Our mission is to provide great quality courses of Russian language at affordable prices. Whether you would like to learn Russian for business or for everyday life and communication or just for your own pleasure, we have a course that meets your needs!

When you choose to study at Educacentre, you will be joining our students from all over the world sharing the same desire to learn Russian language in the cultural capital of Russia.

All our courses run all year round, so you can start whenever you would like to.

Please take the time to find out about our quality courses and great prices.

If you have any questions then contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Why EducaCentre ?

With professional teaching provided by qualified teachers; lively, dynamic and effective language courses, a range of carefully chosen accommodation options, exciting activities and personalised support, we offer you the best service so you will get the most out of your time with us.

5 minutes walk from Metro station

Free wifi

14 modern classrooms

Panorama windows

Food court & cinema on the floor below

Vending machines

Courses in St. Petersburg:

Standart 20

Intensive 30

Private course

Combined 25+

Exam preparation

Online lessons

Accommodation in St. Petersburg:

Host family

Private apartment

Hotel and Bed & Breakfast

Shared apartment

Course without accomodation

Discover St Petersburg

Peterhof: one of the world’s most famous palace-park ensembles.

The Hermitage: №1 museum by tripadvisor in Europe with 651 931 works of art.

Tsarskoe Selo: Grand Imperial summer residence with world famous Amber room

St. Petersburg: fantastic range of must see’s with  300 museums to choose from.

Our teachers



I was born in Russia, finished school there and got my two degrees in Linguistics and Pedagogy (Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St. Petersburg).I have vast experience working within education with young children, teenagers and grownups. Experience includes working as a Teacher of Russian in the University of Poland and I am currently a Teacher in the St. Petersburg State University of Culture. Confucius said:“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. And I did it! I really love my profession. It’s an excellent platform to present all your ideas and see in practice how your work makes difference.



I’ve graduated with Master Degree from Herzen State Pedagogical University in 2013 as the teacher of Russian for foreigners and English languages. Teaching experience: 4 years. My first teaching experience was in the University: I taught the conversational course of Russian language for the students from Poland. That’s when I decided that I would love to help the foreign people to fight with the difficulties of Russian language. I love my job for the opportunity to share the knowledge of my mother language, russian culture and history and also to learn new stuff about the culture where my students come from.



For the last three years I’ve been teaching Russian for Foreigners in Educacentre. I’ve graduated with Ph.D. from Herzen State Pedagogical University in 2013 and then proceeded my education in Saint Petersburg State University leading to my Masters Degree in Linguistics. During my experience in Educa I’ve met a lot of wonderful people from all over the world who are now my friends. This is what keeps me returning here as a teacher and as a friend. Teaching for me is an opportunity to help people learn new things, meeting new people, finding new opportunities.

Our school locations: 

Institute of Foreign Languages,

Russian language school

12th line of Vasilievskiy Island, 199178, St.Petersburg, Russia,

 – Tube “Sportivnaya-2”

Tel. +7 (812) 676-00-75

Educacentre, Russian Language School
39, Prospekt Ispytateley, shopping mall Miller, block C, 3rd floor, St. Petersburg, Russia

 – Tube “Komendantskiy Prospekt”

Tel. +7 (812) 676-00-75

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