Russian visa information

Visa to Russia is a necessary condition for foreign citizen to entry into Russia unless your country belongs to visa-free countries with Russia. The list of the visa-free countries is located Here (

Russian visa is always issued on the basis of the special invitation to Russia. The visa invitation is a document that’s issued by the inviting body in Russia and it determines the terms of the stay and the type of the visa.

Visa invitation type Amount of entries Maximum length of stay Processing requirements Processing terms Possibility to extend
Tourist visa invitation




Single or Double entry.


Up to 30 days

(Note: US citizens can apply for 5 years tourist visa according to the simplified visa regime with Russia).

-Passport scan

– exact dates of stay

– 20% deposit of invoice fees

1 day Non-extendable
Business visa invitation




Single, Double or multiple entry. Up to 90 days in each half of the year.


(Note:  EU, Japan, USA, India and China citizens can apply for the visa from 2-5 years. Ask our staff for more information)

– Passport scan

– Business visa form filled in (including the necessary information on the place of permanent work of the applicant)

-Invitation processing fee varies according to the country

From 1 day to 30 days, depending on the country. Non-extendable
Student visa invitation




Single for first 90 days and multiple afterwards Initially issued up to 90 days of stay but can be extended up to one year since the entry date. – Passport scan

-Student visa form filled-in

– Full pre-payment of fees for the first 12 weeks of stay in Russia

From 1 day (EU citizens only) to 30 calendar days.


Extra time for the courier delivery of the original invitation applies  .



Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months since your visa expiry date otherwise your application will be rejected. Once the invitation is received the client should take the invitation and visit the nearest Russian Consulate in the home country or visa agent for visa processing. The visa processing terms depend on the types of the visa and the country of application – it can be from 1 day to 3 weeks.

Russian consulate has the right to request the additional support documents for your application so it is always better to check in advance which extra documents are required.

Visa processing fee applies according to the pricing policy of given Russian consulate and the terms of the visa processing. You can find the nearest Russian Embassy in your country by the link


Registration in St.Petersburg

All foreigners coming to Russia have to register their arrival at the local migration office within 7 working days since the arrival date. We take care of our students’ registrations so bring us your passport with the visa and the migration card that you will be given on the passport check on your first day at the school and we will register you.

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