EducaCentre offers a wide range of weekly excursions in St.Petersburg free of charge. Our russian language teachers will take you to the best places in the city and in the suburbs. Among the most popular tours are walking tours around the city, private boat tour on the rivers and channels, visits to Peter And Paul Cathedral, St.Isaac’s Cathedral, full day excursion to Petergof and Pushkin and much more.



Our speaking club is designed for students to come together and develop the communicative skills on different topics. During these real –life conversations students would use different vocabulary (e.g. idioms and slang words), different speaking speed and pronunciation.  You will also get to know your classmates and teachers better and learn about the interests and habits of everyone.



Join the other students in watching the best movies of Soviet Union and Russian cinematography with your teachers of Russian. After every movie you will have time to discuss the key ideas of it and your russian language teachers would explain the cultural topics  presented in the movie.


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