10 most beautiful bridges in
St. Petersburg
(part 1)

In total, more than 300 bridges span over numerous rivers, canals, lakes and ponds of St. Petersburg, so it is impossible to get to know the city without getting acquainted with the bridges of the Northern Venice. Almost all of the parade crossings were built in the city center, close to the main attractions. But fascinating constructions can also be seen, if you turn aside from the usual tourist routes. St. Petersburg 4u offers its version of the 10 most beautiful bridges in St. Petersburg,  the city on the Neva river.

Bridges in St. Petersburg
The Palace bridge

Palace bridge

The Palace bridge has long become one of the main symbols of St. Petersburg, spanning between Vasilievsky island and the Central part of the city. It isn’t hard to guess, that it got its name after the Winter Palace which is situated in close proximity.

Like many other bridges in St. Petersburg, at the beginning it was wooden, with railings, oil lamps and a wide roadway. There were rails for a horse car at first, but in 1911 tram rails were set up and sidewalks on both sides were improved. In the same 1911 a project of a permanent bridge was approved, and except for small changes, The Palace bridge became such as we see it today.

And, of course, it is the most famous drawbridge in the city. It is raised two times a night in the summer and traffic is closed from 1.25 to 2.50 am and then once again from 3.10 to 4.55 am. The best place to observe the incredible scene of the bridge raising is the Palace embankment. In fact, it is probably the best spot for observing drawbridges rising in the whole city – the Troitsky, the Palace and the Stock (Birzhevoy) bridges can be seen perfectly from here.

” In fact, it is probably the best spot for observing drawbridges rising in the whole city – the Troitsky, the Palace and the Stock (Birzhevoy) bridges can be seen perfectly from here.”

Bridges in St. Petersburg
Liteiny bridge

Liteiny (Foundry) bridge

Liteiny bridge is installed in the place where Neva has the greatest depth of 24 meters. It owes its name to the foundry yard, the same one where guns were made during the reign of Peter I. Now the yard is long gone, but the name stuck, not only for bridge but for Liteyny prospect also. The bridge offers one of the most beautiful views of St. Petersburg. While walking across the bridge you can admire the beautiful openwork lattices made according to drawings by architect K. K. Rachau: two mermaids are holding a shield with the arms of St. Petersburg and their tails are weaved into curly floral design.

In the summer Liteiny bridge is raised once a day, however, only one part of it goes up, which of course, looks not as spectacular as the two rising wings of the Palace bridge.

Bridges in St. Petersburg
The Bank bridge

Bank bridge

Rumor has it that if you have financial problems you should go to the Bank bridge and ask griffins to make money failures be over. According to legend, mythical monsters with gilded wings will give their protection and help to those who kiss them above the tail or put a coin under the paw. This is one of three still operating pre-revolutionary chain bridges in St. Petersburg. Its main decorations are griffins statues, that we have already mentioned, cast of iron by the sculptor Pavel Sokolov in 1826. They play not only an aesthetic role but they also “hide” a chain design. This bridge offers a wonderful view of the Cathedral of the Savior on spilled Blood, Kazan Cathedral, the Singer House and Nevsky prospect.