Стандартный групповой курс

20 уроков в неделю

Наш стандартный курс русского языка, состоящий из 20 уроков в неделю, поможет вам улучшить общие языковые навыки. Этот курс является самым популярным. Он направлен на всестороннее улучшение каждого аспекта русского языка. Обучение проходит в мини-группах до 4х человек в низкий сезон и до 6-ти человек в высокий сезон. Этот курс проходит круглый год, так что студенты могут начать в любой понедельник в течение года. Занятия проходят в утренние часы с 10:15 до 13:30. После занятий студенты могут либо насладиться свободным временем, либо взять дополнительные уроки. Минимальная продолжительность курса-одна неделя

Ключевые факты курса


от начального до продвинутого A1 > C1


1 до 48 недель


20 в неделю

Размер группы

До 4-х студентов в группе

Даты начала

Каждый понедельник, круглый год

Наши цены нисходящие: учитесь дольше — платите меньше.

1-4 недели



в неделю

5-12 недель



в неделю

13+ недель



в неделю

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Отзывы студентов

I did a 2 week-intensive-russiancourse at EducaCentre in line with «Bildungsurlaub». What I loved a lot about this school is that it is so well organized. I did solicitude «Bildungsurlaub» before at another school, but it was a big fuss as my employer is in Hessen, where the rules for «Bildungsurlaub» are stricter than in other parts of Germany. This time with EducaCentre it was no problem at all,- they had all the necessary documentation ready and my employer granted the «Bildungsurlaub» right away! Apart from the organization the teachers are very qualified and professional as patient and friendly. Whilst teaching they give a lot of information about St. Petersburg and Russia. The school is located right at a metro station in a shopping center which also comes in handy to grab some quick coffee or something to eat. I really enjoyed my time at EducaCentre, I learned a lot and hope to be back soon for some more Russian! Спасибо за всё!

Daniela Beier


I would like to thank you for your kind attention and guidance during my stay in Saint Petersburg, and throughout the duration of the course. I feel compelled to commend you and the staff for both professionalism and quality of the program. As a language teacher myself, I found that both teachers were highly qualified and came up with very good exercises, for both grammar and reading, coaxed us into conversing in class, and kept a clear sense of the order on which it would benefit us most to cover the contents.  I am happy to say that thanks to Educa Centre I not only feel my Russian skills improved but also have a sheer drive to continue studying on my own and take classes in Russia yet again whenever my schedule allows it.

Congratulations on a job well done, and again my most sincere commendation for your excellent teachers.

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Коста Рика