Best healthy
eating spots
in St. Petersburg

Where would one go for the meals made according to the recipes of fitness trainers and with specified amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates? Where can one find smoothies with soy milk and vegetarian burgers? And where are Indian dishes or raw food cakes served? We made a selection of seven healthy eating restaurants in St. Petersburg, which all the adherents of a healthy lifestyle will enjoy.

Healthy eating

Prana Bar
Address: Kazanskaya st. 31

The restaurant in the city center serves vegetarian, vegan and raw dishes along with herbal teas, but the menu still includes meals with milk. Here you will find a large selection of soups and healthy desserts, made by restaurant’s own pastry chef. It is also possible to order delivery on the website. And be sure to note the main detail of the restaurant’s interior — hand painted wall murals.

Healthy eating

Na Parah (Steamed)
Address: chain restaurant

The main feature of the restaurant is obvious from the title — steam-cooking of all the meals without usage of frying oil. Even the desserts in Na Parah are prepared according to the same principle. Despite this, the menu offers not only light meals (although dietary dishes are in most here). The interiors of the restaurants are quite modest, but very cozy and the prices are more than reasonable. 

Healthy eating

Legko (Easy)
Address: chain restaurant

Legko is a gastronomic project on site of Sportlife fitness clubs, but cafe is available for visiting for anyone, not only the owners of club cards. Low-calorie desserts, non-flour bread, homemade yogurts and many more healthy dishes are cooked here. The staff can advise you on what to eat after or before a workout. The menu doesn’t harm the figure, so one can remorselessly order cheesecakes or cakes here.

Healthy eating

Varenye (Jam)
Address: Bolshaya Konyushennaya st. 9 (2nd floor)

A small vegetarian and vegan cafe with affordable prices. There are no permanent positions in the menu, so every day meal choice is updated. The cafe focuses mainly on street food: falafel, green sandwiches and burgers. The drinks here are also very healthy: smoothies, fresh juices and milkshake with cow’s milk being replaced with soy, coconut and others.

Healthy eating

Prekrasnaya zelenaya (Lovely green)
Address: Mokhovaya str. 41

Lovely green is a vegetarian restaurant where they cook porridge on cow’s or soy milk, depending on the guest’s choice. An option to cook porridge on spring water is also available. There are no alcoholic beverages in the menu, but lots of berry and vegetable drinks instead. The restaurant offers « green » parties and cakes to order. And in one of the rooms there is a piano, which anyone can play on.

Healthy eating

Address: Radischev st. 5

A vegetarian café with wide variety of Indian, Russian and European cuisine. It will be appreciated not only by vegetarians but also for those who watch their waistlines. Aurovill often hosts concerts, parties, workshops and even cooking classes. The cafe offers four dining rooms with bright and cheerful interior.

Healthy eating

Address: Gagarin prospect 71

The interior of the Vinaigrette restaurant is decorated in Russian dacha style with windows overlooking a large veranda. Vinaigrette offers fitness menu, where each item is accompanied by an amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Also they serve six different kinds of Russian salad (vinaigrette) here which is a distinctive feature of the place. It is worth noting that Vinaigrette is not limited to fitness menu and also offers a selection of dishes from Asian, European, Caucasian, Russian and original cuisines.

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