Three fascinating pieces of classic Russian literature

Since the school days many of us believe that the majority of classic Russian literature is rather boring and enormously prolonged, with each book being not less than several hundred pages long. And most of it is dedicated to the burden of life, mental suffering and the philosophical quests of the main characters. However, it is not the way it is. We proudly present you a selection of three famous Russian literature works which are so fascinating that you won’t stop reading it until your reach the very end.

Classic Russian literature
The Master and Margarita

Mikhail Bulgakov « Master and Margarita »

Being an imperishable novel of one of the greatest Russian authors of the last century, « The Master and Margarita » is not just a classic, but is an essential part of the Russian literary tradition.

This mystical book contains so much meaning and so much profundity that a lot can be missed at first reading. Very often people find new meanings and even new storylines when they read for the second time. The book is a part of the curriculum, but some say that it is too early to read it at school age, since one has to be prepared for it, has to have a little more experience and perspective in order to understand and notice all that has been implied by the author. Reading this novel is impossible without understanding the specifics of the time, so you better should be aware of Soviet history before starting reading this book.

There is no point in trying to summarize this work. It should be read and analyzed. One needs to learn to see the real feelings in this book: sacrifices and fears, courage and cowardice, vices and virtues. « Master and Margarita » is an absolute must read of the classis Russian literature. 

« This work is considered to be deeply philosophical and psychological due to very comprehensive description of the main character’s personality, feelings and thoughts. « 

Mikhail Lermontov « A hero of our time »

Lermontov’s novel « A hero of our time » is a colorful portrait of a man who searched for himself but failed and remained unhappy. This work is considered to be deeply philosophical and psychological due to very comprehensive description of the main character’s personality, feelings and thoughts.

In the center of the novel there is a Russian imperial army officer Grigory Pechorin with all his vices and weaknesses. He is largely selfish and even pathetic in some ways, a kind of Bon vivant, bursting with confidence in everything he does. Having absorbed all the problematic features of the society, Pechorin is not afraid of them, he flaunts them. And the main problem of the character of Pechorin is his individualism that doesn’t allow him to be truly happy. Eternal fear to go on about fate forces him to challenge it again and again. However, to control your destiny means to be not afraid of unexpected turns and to be able to find your place given these turns. That’s the main point of one of the most profound creation in classic Russian literature.

Classic Russian literature
Classic Russian literature
F. Dostoevsky « The Idiot »

Fyodor Dostoevsky « The Idiot »

Dostoevsky’s novel  about a non-existent perfect man was written to show the world the benchmark to which everyone should be leveled at all times. It is considered to be the gem of Russian literature.

The main character is a good-natured, sincere, compassionate and direct man. He is “the idiot” just because he looks so in the eyes of society that have long forgotten all of these qualities and settled somewhere between selfishness and indifference. But everyone can overcome those and to become a person with inner light. In order to do this one should pay attention to the others and to notice things that are not said out loud. This work will live on for years, because the wave of indifference continues to flood our world and there remains less and less “idiots” in Dostoevsky’s terms.