5 tips to facilitate the study of Russian

Educacentre language school offers you 5 simple tips that can greatly facilitate the study of the Russian language.

1. Surround yourself with Russian

It is not a secret that the best way to learn a foreign language is to «plunge» into it. Educacentre language school recommends to start small: listen to the music, watch movies and read books in Russian. Do everything that is possible to let the language in your everyday live – the more of it will surround you, the better you’ll understand it and the faster you’ll begin to use it.

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2. Set a realistic goal

Having set a final goal, that is hard to achieve in a short period of time, you start blaming yourself and soon give up. However by setting ourselves interim targets and achieving them, we significantly increase our motivation and the result seems (and truly is) much more realistic.

3. Learn to enjoy small victories on the way to the goal

Enjoy your «journey» into the world of the Russian language by gradually learning the basics and do not rush to learn everything at once. Thus, starting with small victories, you unwittingly will achieve great results in language learning.

A multi-level teaching system in Educacentre language school is based on the principle of gradual and consistent development of material. In addition, we have various types of courses to help you successfully solve a variety of tasks. Whether it’s individual classes, group courses or combined courses, you’ll certainly notice your small victories and shorten the distance to the main goal by mastering the grammar and learning more complex lexical structures.


4. Don’t be afraid of what other people think about you

You do not have to surprise anyone. On the contrary, don’t try to make anyone impressed, behave naturally. And by doing so you will pleasantly surprise not only people around you but also yourself.Of course, this quality needs to be developed and it is likely that you will need help from professional tutors.  In Educacentre language school a large part of teaching time is dedicated to talking practice. By practicing the lessons material in conversations with other students, you will soon get used to speaking Russian and will gradually gain confidence in your Russian language skills. Just relax and have fun!

Feel free to ask questions, enjoy the learning process, and you will be able to learn Russian easily. 
Remember that your goal is real. You just have to take the first step, and you will be speaking fluent Russian just before you know it.