Russian language courses in Spring/Summer.

Spring and Summer is indeed the best and most popular season for visiting Saint Petersburg.  Long warm days change into the magical white nights full of light and wonderful atmosphere and there are plenty of activities to do and places to visit both in and around the city.

White Nights season begins in mid May, when the city is also full of flowers and blooming trees and its peak is during mid-June when the sun never fully sets and you can enjoy your long warm evenings sitting in one of the cozy terraces overlooking  the infamous Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of the city.

One of the must-do things during the White Nights is to see the bridges open. Tourists and locals enjoy watching this magical show either from the river embankments or from the water – on a small boat cruises sailing into the heart of the midnight city.

May is full of holidays! The first one is May Day which is Labor Day and everybody is out and happy either in the city parks or in the country side preparing for the summer season. Victory Day is celebrated on May 9th and it is the second most popular public holiday after New Year’s Day in Russia.  On this day celebrations are held all across the country with military parades taking place in the country’s major cities and the most spectacular on The Red Square in Moscow.

The City Day of Saint Petersburg is celebrated on the 27th of May.  Celebration program is unique every year and usually it is celebrated widely during the closest weekend, either before or after 27th, so that everybody could have a chance participate in city’s celebrating.

We will be happy to take a full care of your visit to St.Petersburg in spring-summer time and we will make sure that you’ll have a fantastic summer holiday. Our wide choice of courses and accommodation options will meet everyone’s needs.

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