Intensiv Gruppenkurs

30 lessons per week

Unser intensiver Gruppenkurs, aus 30 Unterrichtsstunden pro Woche, bietet Ihnen, im Vergleich zum Standartkurs, ein vertieftes Studium der russischen Sprache (wegen 10 zusätzlichen Stunden pro Woche) an. Sie werden mehr Zeit haben, um Ihre Kommunikationsfertigkeiten durch Rollenspiele und Modellierungen von Situationen verbessern zu können. Der Unterricht findet in Kleingruppen bis  zu 4 Schüler pro Gruppe in der Nebensaison und bis zu 6 Schüler pro Gruppe in der Hauptsaison. Minimale Dauer- eine Woche. Anfang- jeder beliebige Montag.

Der Kurs steht ganzjährig zur Verfügung, so dass die Teilnehmenden an einem beliebigen Montag über das ganze Jahr mit dem Unterricht anfangen können. Der Unterricht findet morgens von 10:15 bis 13:30 statt. Nach dem Unterricht können die Teilnehmenden ihre Freizeit genießen oder zusätzliche Einzelstunden nehmen. Die minimale Dauer des Kurses beträgt eine Woche.

Course key facts


Beginner to advanced A1 > C1


1 – 48 wochen


30 pro woche


Bis zu 4 Teilnehmenden in einer Gruppe


Montags, ganzjährig

Unsere Tarife sind degressiv – bei längeren Aufenthalten werden sie günstiger.

1-4 wochen



pro woche

5-12 wochen



pro woche

13+ wochen



pro woche

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Student testimonials:

I anticipated my comments to Lyudmila and Ksenia and I’m willing to share them with you; I am satisfied by my experience with Educacentre and my time in St. Petersburg. I think your school is serious and capable to tailor-made the courses according to your students’ needs. For instance, I had required an intensive course and I got it. It is impossible to learn any language in two weeks (I knew in advance), but it is possible to have an overview, learn the bases and then to build up. The teachers I met are competent and know how to involve and stimulate understanding and learning: I was just hoping my memory could help me better! Anyway Luydmila and Svetlana gave me some material that I downloaded on my phone/laptop, so that I can go on by myself in order not to lose what I got. In short, your school is highly recommendable!

Luigi Benelli


My brother and I attended a 3 weeks program at the EducaCentre school based in Saint Petersburg from July 9th to July 30th, undertaking 30 academic hours per week with teacher Maria. Our classes were composed of up to 5 students, and consisted in listening to our teacher’s explanations with regard to grammar, vocabulary and spelling. We would spend most of our time in class improving our skills and performing short dialogs, debates or descriptions in order to use and strengthen straight away the new vocabulary, verbs, linkwords, tences we would learn during the lesson. All of this was perferctly orchestrated by our teacher who kept on being focused on each and every of the students, through some highly appreciated personal assistance. Not only would she correct us while building our sentences, putting special care and efforts into explaining what was wrong and how it could be improved, but she would also give us personalized homework to work on our persisting weaknesses. The entirety of our classes was held in russian language, with very little english used, and our teacher would always favour explanations in russian, sometimes repeating twice and using different vocabulary in order for us to fully understand her explanations. To sum up, all of the above allowed us to strengthen our knowledge of russian language and particularly improve our oral skills.
For the duration of our stay, EducaCentre provided us with a spacious and fully equipped appartment close to the center of Saint Petersburg, in Zagorodny Prospekt, 5 minutes walk away from metro station Zvenigorodskaya, which has a straight line to Komendantsky Prospekt (approx. 20 minutes away) where the school is located, and Nevsky Prospekt, Saint Petersburg’s worldwide famous boulevard, making it very easy for us to go to school and to move around the city for some amazing sightseing.
We therefore highly recomend this useful and pleasant experience to anyone who would like to strengthen and improve his/her skill in russian language while having some great time in such a beautiful city.
Gaia Pastor